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an everyday luxury

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Thank you for visiting Moons and Junes' online universe - we're happy to have you here! Moons and Junes is a Copenhagen-based lingerie brand working to put an urban spin on traditional lingerie styles. In essence, our selection embodies the personality of Moons and Junes - modern interpretations of the status quo.

Our bras aren't just designed to look good, they are designed to cater to your body and your needs. By revisiting the female physique and refraining from standard measurements, we've managed to provide a bra, which without hard cups and underwire, provides you with the necessary support and makes your comfort a priority.

Please have a look at; our campaigns to see our designs, our sizeguide to see their fit, and, our shop to make them your own. Moons and Junes' isn't your standard bra - it's your new everyday luxury.