Why Moons and Junes?

So, it is the time of month again where I share with you guys my current favourite brand or person you should be looking out for. When reading February’s issue of Vogue I stumbled across Moons and Junes, a Copenhagen based lingerie brand. What really drew me towards them was their devotion for providing everyday comfort for women. On investigating them a bit further on their website I was impressed by their commitment to providing high quality underwear to a vast range of shapes and sizes of women. To find out even more I sent them a brief email explaining my blog and my desire to share my favourite up and coming brands with you. I was delighted to receive a quick and passionate response from Agnete Bjerre-Madsen, the CEO and Founder of Moons and Junes. 


So who are Moons and Junes ?

Well in her words ‘ Moons and Junes is all about ensuring women don’t have to sacrifice comfort for beauty. Our bras adapt to the woman’s body and NOT the other way around!’. Their devotion to this is proved in the work they put into their bras in the development stage. They took measurements from over 70 fittings in order to create the perfect bra for their customers. They pay attention to every last detail of their products and are constantly thinking of new ways in which they can make their lingerie feel comfier and sexier. For example, although their products come in just three sizes, each size is developed using different proportions. This acknowledgement of the difference between a size small and large, for me, is what makes them stand out from the crowd. 

Their panties are just as good of an example. The seams are angled to perfectly accentuate the curve of your butt and legs in all their glory. This means their is no sewing to rub against your soft skin!


Why them?

Well, Moons and Junes was only launched back in April so is still very much a young and upcoming brand. Not only are their products made with every type of woman in mind, but they are also modelled on them! I strongly advise that you head over to their website once you finish reading this to see some of their photographs. The women that are featured in their campaigns, look books or on social media have a unique look and vary enormously. The diversity they display among their models is astonishing and something many brands struggle to achieve. They ensure each model feels confident in their products so that you can too! 

Not only this but they also do not Photoshop their models as, in the words of Agnete Bjerre-Madsen ‘there is beauty in realism’. She is absolutely right and the ethics of this brand are truly inspiration and should be something for others to strive for. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and go and check out Moons and Junes’ lingerie. As usual if you have any comments or questions please do leave them down below and I will do my best to respond. Enjoy  xx


By Hebe Sophia   //   https://hebesophia.com/months-need-know-name-moons-junes

Hebe Sophia